Podcast: Wrightsville Brings out Aussie Lingo and Nostalgia…

Wrightsville Beach NC podcast
Our favorite beach town in the US

Listen to the Podcast:

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Show Notes

We had a lot of fun recording this podcast episode and sharing why we resonate so strongly with the beach community vibe of Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina.

Thankfully, it’s less than two hours from Raleigh so we can visit often.

This recording put us into Aussie mode – the connection between those two places is so great. We slip into some funny Aussie language and stories of home.

We discuss:

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  • Why we are so attracted to Wrightsville Beach and how it reminds us of home and why we miss it.
  • A few facts about the amazing Intracoastal Waterway
  • Supporting local communities via going local but also donating to causes we discover.
  • We go on our pushie with our thongs with some tradies past the halfie to the bottlo for a bevie and a stubbie and a long neck – we share lots of fun Aussie lingo in this episode.
  • We share our faves: coffee, dinner, burgers, accommodation, sunset spot,and more
  • Our deep love for calamari, and the best in the world at Fisherman’s wharf – Fishos wharf
  • Possible opportunity for meetups
  • This is Raleigh website and community
  • The dive bars – Lagerheads tavern and Jimmy’s for live music
  • We learn all about the Great Loop – a 6,000 mile sailing lap
  • Craig goes flying on the drone

sunset at south end Wrightsville beach


  • 2 day itinerary for things to do in Wrightsville Beach
  • Why you should visit Wrightsville Beach
  • Fisherman’s Wharf, home of best calamari in the world
  • This is Raleigh

Wrightsville Beach Highlights Video

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